A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

On Fighting Shadows is a quasi-autobiographical project that tells the story of Marvin, a young man that aspires to be an artist, but has to face daily obstacles that originate from his own being: conditions that are commonly referred to as “hidden disabilities”. Born with hydrocephalus, a brain condition that calls for the need to install a brain shunt, Marvin deals with physical limitations and unexpected events. Around him, a wide range of characters, real and imagined, aid and challenge him in his journey to publish his first story. Alternating between melancholic and heartwarming moments, On Fighting Shadows wants to make you smile, feel sadness, and become aware of the invisible battles that thousands of people face on a daily basis.

Install instructions

Choose the version you'd like to download according to your operating system. Then, unzip the files and run the executable file to enjoy the game. 


On Fighting Shadows 0.2.1. (Windows Version) 248 MB
On Fighting Shadows 0.2.1. (Mac Version) 384 MB

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